Liebman Master Classes



Student Comments

I just wanted to drop you an message expressing my sincere gratitude for this year’s saxophone masterclass. I’m confident now that I understand how to cover all of my bases, saxophone-wise, after such refreshingly straight forward comments and criticisms. The experience has allowed me to consider both my strengths and weaknesses as a musician, and a person. I am excited to seriously dig into the information from the masterclass. Thanks for an awesome week!
Harrison Argatoff-2015

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to study with you for a week; Thank you for being straight and telling me what I need to work on to become a better player and teacher Hope to cross paths someday again.
Joel Gordon-2014

I wanted to thank you for an incredible week at the masterclass.You’ve gotten me to think about a lot of things–and not just musical things either. You’ve convinced me to start working out again–I gotta get back in shape—and to spend more time reading and checking out art. Of course I’m very much looking forward to doing some transcritpions in the in-depth way you talked about, and to set up a practicing schedule. I think I now know what to do witht he rest of the summer and the rest of my life as soon as I get out of school.What I appreiate the most is the perspective that you’ve given me. I find myself hearing and seeing things differently now. Thank you for the inspiration.
Bryan Qu-2012

I want to thank you Dave for this unforgettable week. It will reamin a very important time in my life, an exceptional experience, a big chance! Now, I’m taking the time to digest all that you have given us and taught us.I’ll always remember your natural kindness, your fantastic energy and your beautiful love of music.
Au plaisir, yours sincerely.
Théo Nguyen Duc Long – 2010

Dave…Thanks again for being so giving and gracious in passing on so  many keys to the Kingdom to all of us at this year’s chromatic harmony and melody class.Thx also to your olympic rhythm section who not only dealt with all that the class threw at them this year, but came out wearing gold medals.
Jaiman Crunk – 2010/2011

I wanted to thank you and your family for such an amazing week of music and  the sharing of relationships and experiences. It was inspiring for me just to witness and feel the energy you put into your life. When you entered a room and especially when you spoke, either verbally or musically, your spiritual presence was felt. You are what I aspire to be. I am sure that you are having to recover now from the past several days. You never gave up, and you were with us until the end. Thank you. Your  masterclass was amazing for me not only from the time I spent experiencing your ideas and lifelong pursuits, but from the friendships I acquired that I know will last a lifetime. I hope to see you again in the near future, and I wish you luck in all your upcoming adventures and your future endeavors.  Music is life, so live on! Once again, thank you!!
David Noland – 2000

Thanks for all that kindness….Thanks for all that great moments you’ve spent with us…Thanks for all that frankness…Thank you for all that energy.I’ve spent a wonderful week beside you and all the persons (Pat, Caris, Bryant, Tony, Marko, Phil, and all the saxophonists & Marcel!) I’ll remember it a long time.
Jean Charles Richard – 2001/03

I wanted to send my heart felt thanks for all of your help and knowledge over this past week.  This has been the most incredible intensive course I’ve been apart of.  All of the material covered, in both the jazz and classical idioms, has helped me begin a search for new material, while also focusing on the old.  Thank you again for an incredible seminar.  Thank you also to Caris for all of the hospitality and warm vibes. In Peace,
Patrick Booth – 2011

For the record David Liebman is the best musician I’ve ever been around. He is a giving person of his time and talent and is utterly himself which is a great achievement in any time or place.  While he is an important part of the tradition he preaches the value of the art form as a whole which is in my view is to be admired and is an act of genuine humility. Take this class if you can I’m so glad I came.
Christopher Braig – 2010

Hey Lieb,  I just wanted to say thank you so much for an AWESOME class…I really enjoyed it and I learned a TON…I have been focusing on not dropping the jaw and mouthpiece alone for now, and I’m already noticing a little difference.  I was truly inspired and highly motivated to excel by your playing, your teaching, and your personality as well as from being around and playing with the other guys there and your rhythm section.So thanks so much for taking me into the class and for everything, and hopefully I will see you around!  Maybe I can make it back for the 25th anniversary.Thanks Lieb.
Greg Blair – 2010

I’m just arriving in France and I send this email to say thank you again
for this second Masterclass at Stroudsburg.
I’m coming to this masterclass to regenerate my musical language and at
the end, I come back with a complete musical world and humanness in budding. And that’s because of you, because of your deepness musicality, humanity and always a colorful man who embodies Jazz.
Thank you again.Yours…
Olivier Suavan – 2010/11