Education Articles

Jazz History and Related Topics

Live Trane: Never Before, Never After – Seeing Coltrane Live in the 1960s

IASJ World News

Letter to Miles

Free Life Communication-the story of this musician’s cooperative formed by Liebman in the early 1970s

Coltrane Live at Antibes 1965 – liner notes for Jazz Icons/Mosaic release

Ten Important Coltrane Tracks

Miles and Me

Liebman’s Liner Notes on the Reissues of Miles Davis’ “Dark Magus” and “Get Up With It”

Liebman liners for Elvin Jones Boxed Set: “The Blue Note Years”

Compositional Style of Joe Henderson

Miles Davis’ Approach to the Jazz Standards

On “Hub Tones” (Freddie Hubbard) Upon His Passing

Motion – comment on classic Lee Konitz recording with Elvin Jones from ’60s

Remembering The Master – Saxophone Guru Joe Allard

John Coltrane’s Meditations Suite – A Study in Symmetry

On Miles Davis’ Passing On (written after the funeral 1991)

Specific Pedagogical Topics

Interview: Phrasing and Jazz Vocalists

Thesis on Liebman Chromatic Style – Matt Vashlishan Master Thesis

Reflections on the Artistic Process

A Chromatic Approach to Jazz Melody and Harmony – brief overview

Review of diatonic, modal, pedal, intervallic chromatic lines

Lessons from the Greats – Liebman Chapter On Miscellaneous Topics

Practicing Philosophy

Jazz Rhythm

A Student Asks: General Questions from a Student

Finding Oneself – The Road to Self Discovery

Assorted ii-V Lines in major (12 keys)

The Complete Transcription Process

Assorted ii-V Lines in minor (12 keys)

Jazz Education

Interview about IASJ from Berklee Meeting 2016 with Bob Blumenthal

Beyond the Music – what a jazz education offers beyond the music itself

Philosophy of Education

Why Jazz Education? – short version

What Makes a Well-Rounded Jazz Education?

The “Ideal” Jazz Education-short summary

Common Traits of Jazz Musicians-transcribed from lecture given to jazz appreciation course

Liebman Related Topics

The Meaning of Music in My Life, Education Update 2016

From Lieb Journal 1968 about spiritual matters (hand written)

The Importance Of Keeping The Same Band Members

Free Life Communication – about the cooperative Lieb formed in 1970

The Compositional Process

My Body Of Music

Straight Talk: Understanding The Common Qualities That Artists Possess

What Jazz Means to Me

Blindfold Test for JazzTimes by Bill Milkowski

The “Desert Island Question” – Top Ten Recordings and Most Influential Tracks on My Development

Lieb Discusses Influential Tracks (audio link)

Blindfold Test – Jazz Times 2014 with Ted Panken


Playing Solo: The Challenges of the Single Line Performer

Principals of Breathing

Overtone Warmup Excercises

My Journey With The Soprano Saxophone

Developing a Personal Saxophone Sound (introduction to book)

The Search for Nirvana: The Perfect Mouthpiece

Foreword from “Jazz Saxophone Players” – A Bibliographical Handbook

Doubling on the Soprano


About Jazz Rhythm-answers to questions posed by DMA candidate Nicholas Petumenos


All About Jazz – Dave Liebman & Michael Kaplan: How Does The Brain Make All That Jazz? by Victor L. Schermer

Liebman Comments on the film ‘Whiplash’

Lieb On The Artistic Process – excepted from “Miles Davis and David Liebman, Jazz Connections” (Mellen Press)

Preface from “Experiencing Jazz” by Michael Stephans (Scarecrow Press)

Afterword by Liebman from “Freud’s Lost Chord-Discovering Jazz in the Resonant Psyche” by Daniel Sapen (Karnac Press)

The “Zone” – about entering the optimal state of mind when playing from an interview for “Jazz Lessons With The Giants”

Review of Wayne Shorter’s “Without A Net” (2013) for Jazz Magazine (France)

Interview concerning Indian music influence with June Thomas

“If I Had Ten Million in the Bank:” Concerning Art vs. Commerce

The Relevance of Big Bands

The Ballad Challenge

The Critic Dilemma: Criticism vs. Review

Do Jazz Critics Need to Know How to Play Jazz?

The Meaning of the Blues

Is More Better?: Programming Pop Music At Jazz Festivals

A Short Explanation of the Fusion Movement

Playing with Your Brother/Sister: Considerations of playing with someone on your instrument

Recording Live and In The Studio – Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Europe and its Role in Jazz

The Liebman World Survey

On Art