The Fallout of Dreams

Dave Liebman and Steve Dalachinsky

Dave Liebman(multiple instruments), Steve Dalachinsky (poetry and recitation), special guest Richie Beirach (piano)-Rogue Art

Track Listing

1. The Fallout of Dreams
2. Carry on Clarion
3. For all Prayer (For Steve Lacy)/The Seasons (For Jasper Johns) Medley
4. Cosmic (For Jim Brodey)
5. Gustave Moreau/Strangers on a Train
6. Jackson Pollock's Early Notebooks
7. The Breath (For Evan Parker)
8. The Leaves are Changing (For Jack Kerouac)
9. Magical Realism/La Fenice Medley
10. Billie Holiday/Elian-Oleo Medley
11. The Lynching
12. Breakfast/Back 1-4 Matisse/For Jackson Mac Low
13. Possessed
14. The Origin of a Species/Minority-Seniority-Sonority/The Bill Has Been Paid Medley



"Poet Steve Dalachinsly and saxophonist Dave Liebman went to elementary school together in the ‘50s. Afterwards they went heir separate ways, Liebman famously to play with Miles Davis’ electric band before striking out on a distinguished solo career, Dalchinsky to increasing acclaim as a poet associated with the avant jazz scene. Their paths crossed a few years ago at the Knitting Factory and the Stone, then ultimately to this studio recording, sumptuously packaged with a 47-page boo let reproducing the texts.

Liebman tackles a variety of instruments  including piano and drums as well as his more customary reeds, implicitly recognizing the benefit of variation in the counterpoint He considers that his reactions are probably not much different than anyone else’s would be when hearing an expression or phrase, but to translate that into the horn or other instrument is quite daunting. In fact, it often seems that Liebman is reacting to Dalachinsky’s retain with bursts of improvisation, before pausing for the next passage of speech. It places Dalachinsky’s voice in sharp relief and mitigates against a shared flow

However, among the high points, Dalachinsky offers some of his most personal and open reflections on the title cut contemplating his childhood while being goosed by Liebman’s soprano Pianist Richie Beirach, a longtime comrade of the saxophonist, joins on two tracks and makes a positive difference. On “The Leaves Are Changing”,Beirach’s initial melodic musings orbit Dalchinsky’s conventional road trip poem, the pianist’s reiterating figures echoing the poet’s riffing on  motifs and images, but without trailing his narrative arc too closely. A similar effect prevails on “The Origin of a Species/Minority-Seniority-Sonority/The Bill Has Been Paid Medley”, where Beirach and Liebman extemporize melody and continue in close harmony throughout, without explicit attention to Dalachinsky’s reading, which sounds more comfortable as a result. They create more than the sum of its parts and thereby a signpost for future collaborations.”


“An authentic and invigorating Beat Generation poet is among us. Dive into the sonic now with Steve Dalachinky’s recent released album of his own original poems, The Fallout Of Dreams (RogueArt). Recorded in total simpatico with renowned saxophonist Dave Liebman and guest pianist Richie Beirach (on two tracks) the session is an energetic incantation of epic proportions Brooklyn friends all three, their exchange includes one passionate track after another; note the unforgettable tribute to saxophonist Steve Lacy and stunning dedication to author Jack Kerouac. Dalachinsky’s vibrant talking voice intones long lean lines that build with dramatic tension over the arc of the album. Told in an unpretentious native Brooklyn dialect, Dalachinsky’s stories manifest in fragmented images, a sonic
Escher-esque origami of folded words, including the pedestrian and natural worlds. Liebman comments, darts and spurs with the language on reeds, piano, flute, drums and bells. In moments, Liebman refreshingly lays out with sensitivity giving space to allow pure spoken-word imagery to rise like cream.”